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Gorgeous Stingray Coral & Sterling Silver Ring ( US Ring Size: 9.5)


Stone Type: Natural Stingray Coral
Metal Type: 925 Solid Sterling Silver
Size: US Ring Size, 6

Stingray coral holds the peaceful appearance that creates a calming aura to provide inner peace to its carrier. It is conceived to root out the nagging thoughts as well as enhance its carrier’s communication. It is a jewel pebble that is predisposed to facilitate its carrier to recover from the physical moreover from the psychological trauma. Further, it helps its carrier to attain brilliance in his professional life Furthermore in personal life. Acknowledged for its strengthening eminence, it helps its carrier to consume healthy foods to promote power to his physical torso. Stingray coral is pondering an excellent companion of its carrier as its calming nature supports its carrier from the emotional impairment along with physical problems. Stingray coral helps its carrier to attain the desired goals to protect him from the feelings of hopelessness. Further, also to its physical and emotional healing, it too takes care of its carrier’s well-being. It too helps its carrier to gain as well as interpret the ancient knowledge.

 Stingray coral is employed to mend the circulatory system of its carrier torso along with the revival of the tissues. Further, it is related to cure the troubles of intestinal spasm as well as issues related to stone in the bladder. On the physical grounds, it is utilized to remove poison from the physical torso of its carrier as well as treat the issues of sleeplessness. It is too believed to cure the hormonal problems of its carrier. In fact, the ashes from the burned stingray Coral are known to heal the wounds Moreover the issues of ulcers of its carrier.

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