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Beautiful, Butterfly Jasper & Sterling Silver Ring ( US Ring Size: 13.75)

$38.00 $48.00

Stunning Natural Butterfly Jasper & 925 Solid Sterling Silver Ring, Gemstone is Pear Shaped, Cabochon Cut and Polished Gemstone Set in a Sterling Silver Ring Setting. This stones displays it's natural earthy tones of browns, reds & tans.

Stone Types:  Butterfly Jasper (Genuine)
Setting Metal:  925 Solid Sterling Silver
Head Size:  28 X 20mm
Ring Size:  13.75
Weight:  9.7 grams (weight measured with gemstone and metal)  

An elemental Earth stone, Jasper’s frequency is slow and constant, aligned with the electromagnetic energies of the planet. It enables one to be more present in the physical body and conscious of Nature and one’s surroundings. It encourages one to celebrate moments of isolation to absorb, reflect, and connect with these energies and enkindles an awareness of the spiritual connection we hold with all living things

 Known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” Jasper is a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength and healing. Its presence balances the aura to a level of wholeness and peace, and acts as a reminder that one is not here on the physical plane simply for oneself, but to bring joy and substance to others  

Jasper is known metaphysically as a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. When its protective energies are also considered, it's no wonder jasper is sometimes called the "nurturing stone." 

Jasper has other facets to its energy properties, too, such as prosperity, gardening and agriculture. 

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